8 Tips for Generating More Leads Through LinkedIn

If you are planning to generate B2B leads on social media, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best tool to stay ahead of the competition. It gathers the volume of like-minded business owners, executives, and professionals in a single platform. LinkedIn is a top professional networking medium with over 722 million members and 310 million monthly active users.

The platform offers a variety of marketing tools to drive more people to your website and generate sales for your business. It also helps you research the problems, challenges, and interests of your prospects and craft a sales pitch accordingly. Let’s take a look at 8 tips for better leads on LinkedIn:

  1. Track People Who Are Tracking You

In the era of personalized marketing, the tracking analytics of LinkedIn is an exceptional tool for studying the actions of potential prospects. The “People who viewed your profile” feature is an effective way to collect information about your sales prospects.

The LinkedIn platform will let you know the type of device used by your lead, the type of work the lead does, and the place of work of the lead. Try to find more details like the common interests and connections of your prospects. This will help you understand their agenda behind visiting your profile and you can approach them with a personalized message.

  1. Tell Your Coworkers or Employees to Link to Your Website

A business cannot fully rely on its connections to maximize its reach of LinkedIn users. Your colleagues, employees, and coworkers are your brand ambassadors who can help promote your company in their network. This will help you find new connections that can be nurtured over time.

You can do this by promoting your content. Link to your blog posts when they are published. You can make use of the Hootsuite platform and automate posts on the behalf of your employees. This will help streamline the entire process.

Internal connections and promotions play a crucial role in growing a business. Your employees are your brand advocates and can help improve the visibility of your company in the market.

  1. Utilize Your Company page as a Lead Generation Page

The company page of any business on LinkedIn can drive leads to its website. Therefore, you should make maximum use of all the elements of the LinkedIn page.

For example, you can create a description of your business in a manner that identifies and differentiates your target audience, the value proposition, and the kind of service you offer as a company. This will help you filter out unwanted leads and send a specific message that appeals to your target user.

  1. Make Use of Your Showcase Page

LinkedIn allows you to create a showcase page for other brands that form a part of your business or company. Try creating multiple showcase pages, mainly for units that generate maximum revenue or sales for your business.

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A showcase page helps focus on highly targeted leads amongst a large user segment and brings traffic to your LinkedIn page. However, you should distinguish your company or business page from the showcase page. Also, make sure that your showcase page has a link to your website.

  1. Search for Groups and People

You can search on LinkedIn in two ways: group search and advanced search.

Group search will help you find people who are relevant to your business niche. Try focusing your search on groups that have a high level of activity. This means that these people are spending a good amount of time on the LinkedIn platform. This, in turn, will give you more opportunities to engage with them.

Advanced search will help you discover the right type of customer based on industry type, location, and job title as well as advanced filters like your past engagements, common connections, and non-profit interests.

  1. Form Groups on LinkedIn

One of the most useful techniques in B2B marketing is creating your own on LinkedIn. The purpose of creating a group is to target potential customers who can benefit from connecting with you. Forming a group will also establish your brand as an industry expert that may help businesses discuss their needs, challenges, and pain points.

You can start a discussion or post relevant content in your group to understand your particular segment and prepare a strategy accordingly to showcase your brand in front of them. Try creating more groups when you identify new audience segments that have different pain points or needs.

  1. Include Call-to-Action or CTA in Your Content

All B2B companies prefer LinkedIn as it offers them a content publishing platform and helps make their buyer’s journey a success. LinkedIn allows you to add a call-to-action to your content which is not possible with other third-party publications.

Therefore, you have an opportunity to generate sales leads in a manner that also helps engage your readers. As a business, when you learn how to optimize your call-to-action or CTA effectively, every post will become a sales opportunity for your company.

  1. Run a LinkedIn Paid Ad Campaign

Running a LinkedIn paid ad campaign is an effective component of a successful lead generation strategy apart from finding prospects and posting relevant content. Many B2B run LinkedIn paid ad campaigns that lead back to a sales landing page.

You can start by creating a series of LinkedIn paid ads, some of which can be ‘Retargeting ads’. These ads target only those prospects who have already clicked on one of your LinkedIn ads before but did not take the desired action like booking a call or buying the product or service.

Retargeting ads are an effective way of capturing the attention of the prospects who have already engaged with your brand at some point. As they already have some interest in your product or service, all you need is a little nudge to make them take the required action.

Summing Up

LinkedIn is the best professional network for any B2B company. It helps discover leads and determines how well they fit the business model of a brand. The platform enables you to establish your company as an industry leader which helps close more sales with time.

Follow these 8 tips for better leads on LinkedIn for the success of your overall LinkedIn lead generation strategy. As a business, it is essential to understand the unlimited potential of the LinkedIn platform and use it correctly for effective results.

Start by showcasing your brand, engaging with your community, and monitoring your target audience. But remember that consistency is the key here.

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