What is the Ideal Blog Post Length for SEO in 2022?

The most common question asked by bloggers to their editors or website managers is “how long should a blog post be?”. This answer to this question varies based on different criteria like the topic, the type of audience, post structure, and the type of promotional channel.

What is the Ideal Blog Post Length for SEO in 2022?

For SEO, the ideal length post is 2,100-2,400 words. However, not all blogs need to be super long. There is enough scope for ranking your blog posts on top of search results even with a lower word count.

You can achieve it by following the best SEO practices like selecting the right keywords, effective backlinking, using alt-text, capturing Google’s featured snippet, achieving topic and domain authority, and adding media-rich content to your blog

What is the ideal blog length for lead generation?

There is a large gap between the posts that generate leads or contacts for your business and those that generate traffic. Generally, certain posts get more traffic as they are searched for by a wider audience. In some cases, this means that the topic is generic and doesn’t align closely with your business.

The ideal length of a blog post for lead generation is 2,500 words. If your blog is intended to build your contact database then writing long content will help your business. Writing longer content shows your authority and knowledge on a particular subject, especially if it’s a topic or keyword for a specific type of audience.

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When you write a detailed blog post for these ideas, the chances of increasing your ranking are better. There are higher chances of converting your readers into leads even if your audience is smaller.

What should be the ideal length of pillar pages?

The length of pillar pages should be around 4,000 words as they are meant to cover more content than an average blog post. A pillar page is a complete guide on any given topic on the internet as a blog post.

They serve as a pillar to a group of blog posts that relate to the topic explained in the pillar. An effective pillar page takes many days. It should cite multiple sources, and link to all of your related blogs on the given subject. You will see more traffic to the pillar post and the supporting content.

What is the ideal length of listicles?

The length of the list of blog posts or listicles should be 2,300-2,600 words. You can easily make a listicle by listing a few examples, resources, tools, or ideas for a particular topic. In the case of these list blog posts, the more examples you give, the better.

Listicles perform better when they are longer. This is because when you search for a list of ideas, you want to see a big list with good examples. List blog post format requires many list entries with explanations, images, and links to their sources. As a blogger, you should focus on building a complete and authoritative list for your audience.

What should be the ideal length of a “how-to” blog post?

The length of a ‘how to’ blog should be between 1,700 and 2,100 words. As this blog post explains how to do something, its length depends on how difficult it is to explain the particular topic. An easier topic may be 300 words but a complex one may go up to 5000 words.

As a blogger, you should keep in mind that the reader doesn’t require too little or too much information to understand a particular topic. A good post with a sufficient number of examples would be more than enough.

Are you writing a blog post for the first time? Keep in mind that it should be clear and concise, contains section headers, and leaves nothing to the imagination of the target audience. The user is coming to you for instruction and not inspiration, so explain your content wisely.

What should be the ideal length of a “what is” blog post?

The “What is” blog post answers a question and should be between 1,300 and 1,700 words. When users search for what, when, or who, they want a quick explanation or answer to the topic. Remember that providing too much information doesn’t equate to more views.

What is the minimum blog post length?

There is no official minimum length of a blog post though Yoast suggests at least 300 words. Typically, it is easier for long content to rank. Unless you are publishing many blog posts with less than 100 words, you will not get dinged for thin content.

While long-form posts tend to perform better, not every blog you post must be more than 2,000 words. If you feel that you have covered your topic effectively in 300, 700, or 1,000 words, then keep it that way.

Summing Up

Whether you write a short or long blog, it takes time and it has to be done right. Writing longer posts is beneficial to your target audience and the success of your blog. However, you should not always obsess over the actual word count. After all, there is no single perfect blog post length for all kinds of topics.

Instead, you should focus on offering valuable content to your readers. Now that you know the ideal length for different types of blog posts, it’s time to start writing your blog. Happy blogging!

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