10 Effective Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic

Many online businesses try different methods and ideas to increase their website traffic. Due to the infinite information available online, it becomes tricky to pick the right strategies that will help you attract the right kind of visitors to your website.

If you are a website owner and finding ways to improve your website traffic with the help of paid and organic search, you should take a look at the following 10 effective ways to boost your website traffic:

  1. Create Authentic Content

Creating content doesn’t mean that you post something that you like. You should always create content for your target audience. Ensure that it follows all the guidelines set by the search engines and stands out in a pool of infinite content available on the web.

Users refer to search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. to find solutions for their queries. As a website owner, you must ensure that your content offers answers to all their questions authentically.

Studies show that the websites that include blogs get 400% more indexed pages than the ones without them. Also, the websites that add more than 15 posts in a month get nearly 3.5 times more traction than the ones that publish less or no content.

Thus, the takeaway is that if you post authentic content regularly, you will see a surge in your website traffic. Quality content is undoubtedly one of the effective ways to boost your website traffic.

  1. Carry Out a Detailed Keyword Research

A piece of content without relevant keywords is just like a product in a shop with no name tag. The user may need it but will never be able to find it without keywords. But adding keywords does not mean stuffing every line as it looks fishy and distracts the reader which may result in a high bounce rate.

Make sure that you include keywords in page title, URL, sub-headings, and throughout the content without disrupting the logical flow of the content.

You can use tools like SEMrush, Moz, or Ahrefs. With the help of these tools, you can find out what keywords your competitors are using, what is the price of a keyword for PPC or pay-per-click ads, what are the related keywords, and the other information for creating a successful keyword strategy.

You can even hire an SEO agency as it can give valuable insights for improving your website’s performance. It can carry out audits to find out the issues that are stopping your website from ranking on top of search engine result pages.

  1. Make Use of Advertising to Increase Your Website Traffic

You can do advertising via social media, paid search, and display ads to improve the traffic of your website. But make sure you are aware of the downsides of these channels. For instance, the users have an option to block the display ads. Also, the average cost per click for Google Ads is $1 or $2 on the search network. Therefore, it is essential to set your goals and budgets before you invest your hard-earned money into advertising.

In the case of PPC ads, you will have to try different permutations and combinations to find out what works best for your website. Once you create a campaign with different ads groups with the required keywords, you will have to see how the audience responds to it. One keyword may result only in impressions while the other may lead to conversions and clicks.

  1. Create Guest Posts

Guest posting is one of the effective ways to boost your website traffic. It is a proven way to create backlinks for your website, increase referral traffic, and improve SERP or search engine result page rankings. As a website owner, you must carry out detailed research on companies within your industry for guest posting.

To start with, check the content of the website, check its domain authority and study its guest posting guidelines. You should also ask the website owners if they are willing to promote your post on social media and even tag you.

  1. Try Sending Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way of promoting your content to improve website traffic. Some of the best email marketing practices are as follows:

  • Add compelling information in the subject line and the body of the email to catch your target customer’s attention.
  • Provide a button that the users can click to read more about your product/service or content.
  • Ensure your emails are mobile-friendly for a better user experience.
  • The links must be easily visible to the user as almost 50% of the emails are opened via mobile devices.
  • Add the name of the subscriber to give a personal touch to the email.
  • Make use of well-designed templates to make your email visually appealing.
  • Carry out detailed A/B testing to identify the email that results in maximum opens and clicks.
  1. Stay Active on Social Media

This is an era of social media and all businesses are using it to attract their target audience. Following are some of the effective ways to boost your website traffic via social media:

  • Make use of relevant hashtags.
  • Post content like videos, blogs, e-books, infographics, whitepapers, etc. across your social media platforms.
  • Interact with your followers regularly. Reply to them, repost their content and tag them whenever necessary.
  • Keep changing the cover photo to promote new content on a routine basis.
  • Every time you roll out a new piece of content, add its link in your bio to attract an audience.
  • Don’t forget to tag influencers who may be interested in your content.
  • Add compelling content to get the attention of your target audience.
  • Find out the users looking for the product or service that you are offering and reply to all their queries with possible solutions.
  1. Find out Good Publications and Submit Press Releases to them

If you are creating a press release to promote your business or your client, you shouldn’t just place it on a press release syndication site and wait for results to show. You must send the press release to influential publications and websites in your industry.

If you wish to announce good news related to your client’s business, you should send it to industry publishers and bloggers which are followed by your target audience. This will help you get leads and improve referral traffic for your client.

  1. Reach the Influencers of your Industry

Industry influencers keep creating or looking for content that matches the taste of their followers. If you are a business, yup can connect with your industry influencers in the following ways:

  • Tag the influencers in a social media post or if your content references their research or their content.
  • You can request the influencer for a Q&A round and then email or tag them when the content is posted. They may end up sharing your piece of content with their audience.
  • You can also do a round-up with influencers and tag them while promoting your post on social media.
  • You can also pay the influencers to run sponsored posts on their social media wall.
  • If you are a beginner, you can use tools like BuzzSumo, etc. to find the right influencers in your domain. Yup can also contact a digital marketing agency to do an influencer outreach for you.
  1. Try Exchanging Backlinks

As a lot of businesses are trying to improve their website traffic, there are numerous opportunities for backlink exchanges.

Contact relevant websites and try offering your content as additional data to be included in their posts. You can even suggest a backlink exchange and offer to add their links to your posts. This is a good strategy to better user engagement. Finding the right partner for a meaningful backlink exchange is a win-win situation for businesses.

  1. Create a Useful Industry Tool

Giving your target audience something useful is one of the effective ways to boost your website traffic. For example, you can create a guide or template that is free to download. Try creating tools or content that would help the people of your industry.

You can offer tools and content in exchange for the contact details of the users. This will help you maximize your returns and generate leads. One mode way to increase your website traffic is to promote your tools or content on forums or LinkedIn groups where the people of your industry are interacting.

Summing Up

By following these 10 Effective Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic, you will notice a significant increase in your website traffic over time. While some strategies may give instant results, others will take time and patience for delivering the desired output. You must keep trying all permutations and combinations and see what works best for your business.

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