7 Best Email Marketing Strategies to Get High Engagement Rates and Conversions

Email Marketing is an essential aspect of all marketing platforms, be it a huge consumer brand or a small B2B start-up. To become a successful marketer and to generate positive ROI, you must know the 7 best email marketing strategies to get high engagement rates and conversions.

According to a study, roughly 300 billion emails are shared and received each day around the world. Also, more than 80% of the businesses owners found that email marketing helped them improve their customer engagement and conversion.

Undoubtedly, email marketing is a vast platform and is used by most businesses for marketing their products and services. Email also works well along other channels like direct mail.

Following are the 7 best email marketing strategies to get high engagement rates and conversions:

1. Give Clear Information to Your Subscribers

The first and the most crucial step is to inform your subscribers about your product/service or whatever information you will be sharing in your emails. Be clear and specific in your emails and decide what to offer to your customers – newsletter, template, or useful tips.

Make your subscribers understand what type of emails they will be receiving. Based on this, they will decide whether they need it or not or if they wish to become long-term subscribers.

The ideal way to inform them is to declare it on the sign-up form. No business wants to end up in a spam box. Therefore, the best way to avoid it is to match the expectations of your subscribers.

2. Combine Email With Direct Mail Marketing

Many businesses are using automation tools to combine email marketing with direct mail for better engagement. There are many reasons for this:

  • Direct mail marketing or sending postcards and letters via the mail has seen a revival in response rates.
  • Marketing automation tools allow the same lists to be used for email as well as direct mail, and with a lesser amount of time to set up the campaigns.
  • In the Automated Drip Campaign, a series of automated emails are sent to people who take a specific action. This campaign can trigger a combination of email and direct mail, with a lesser amount of time to set up campaigns.

The best multi-channel campaigns use the strengths of direct mail and email together to get the best out of offers and promotions.

The same fundamentals apply to email marketing and direct mail campaigns:

  • Call-to-actions and offers should be clear and easily visible.
  • Audience selection and list play a huge role in the success of a campaign.
  • Images can convey the message better than words.

Consistent offers to customers, messaging as well as branding via email and direct mail will result in a better response rate.

3. Make Use of HTML in Your Emails

One of the best email marketing strategies to get high engagement rates and conversions is making use of HTML in your emails. HTML has many benefits over plain text emails:

  • HTML emails allow more sophisticated tracking.
  • It gives a professional appearance to your email.
  • With the help of large fonts, buttons, and formatting, the call-to-action can be more prominent.

These factors are essential to attract the attention of your consumers. Before you start using HTML in your email process, you must be familiar with the tools that you need, and you must understand your audience and where they will click, what elements they get attracted to, and then create HTML emails accordingly.

HTML emails are not easy to implement. The aspect of design, development, and coding is not a beginner’s cup of tea. You can even hire a dedicated email developer and get an email template guide for this purpose. This will help simplify your work and will save you precious time.

4. Run A/B Testing for Subject Line of Your Emails

A subject line serves as the face of the email and it must be appealing to the user. If you are unable to attract the attention of the user with your email subject line, your content will be of no use as the user won’t bother opening the mail. There are a lot of suggestions online to create catchy subject lines.

The best method is to carry out A/B testing for your audience. Trying different permutations and combinations will help you identify what works best and pushes your audience to take the required action. Some more tips are:

  1. Giving Personal Touch – Try testing if user names and other personalized elements of the user make an impact.
  2. Try Segmentation – Sort your lists by title, industry, and other criteria and try testing subject lines for them.
  3. Try Different Emojis – Emojis attract the attention of the users. Try testing different emojis with your audience. If they help in attracting your audience, use them and if they don’t, then you can simply avoid them.
  4. Let Go of Inactive Customers

It is essential to build an email list for an effective business campaign, but it won’t help if your customers are inactive. Unsubscribe the inactive users and focus on the customers who are active with your emails. Send consistent emails to update your users about all the offers and discounts that you plan to offer.

But make sure that you send only relevant emails. Also, sharing too many articles may lead you to spam boxes or the users may block your email. Don’t forget to give the unsubscribe option to your readers. In many countries, it is a law and is compulsory for email marketers.

Your potential customer may be interested in your product or service but may unsubscribe you due to receiving too many emails. Try reaching out to such users and engage with them via other channels like direct mail or digital ads.

6. Make Good Connections by Sending Mails From Multiple People

Use multiple members of your team for sending emails as this will help build a long-term relationship with your audience. The user may feel overwhelmed by receiving multiple emails from a single email address. This may not be the case with different email addresses.

The generic business email addresses start with please-reply or no-reply and lack the personal touch which is essential for user engagement. You should also try using a personal email id to make the email more interactive for the readers.

7. Create Visually Appealing Email Templates

If you wish to create a good relationship with your subscribers, you should focus on creating visually appealing email templates. Attractive emails get more clicks and engagement as compared to the basic ones. Take inputs from an email template guide for clarity.

Create mobile-friendly emails as more than 80% of the customers prefer mobile phones for using the internet. Ensure that the mobile-friendly emails are interactive, readable, and appealing as the mobile conversion rate is higher as compared to desktop devices.

What Type of Email Helps Generate Better Engagement?

Building affection for your business or brand is a strong theme for the top-ranked email types. Your contacts may read the email when they are well familiar with the brand and appreciate the product or service you offer.

A welcome series of emails will help you do that. Give the important details about your business and your mission. Also, take out time to understand your subscriber to develop a lasting relationship.

Marketers must find out what type of content performs well on websites and blogs. Instead of sending separate emails for each type of content, you can roll out a singular newsletter for better engagement. This is because most of the users hardly open their emails regularly.

Keep in mind that even though users might end up opening emails from unknown brands, you should not send emails to users who haven’t explicitly permitted you. It is an unethical practice and not recommended for any business or marketer.

Summing Up

To run a successful email campaign, you must keep trying different permutations and combinations and see what works best for your business. Try maintaining consistency with your emails until you build a good relationship with your customers.

Don’t lose hope if you don’t see immediate results. Stay in the game and try out these 7 best email marketing strategies to get high engagement rates and conversions. With time, you will hit the right type of audience. Only with consistent efforts can you succeed in creating a successful email marketing campaign for your business or client.

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