Top 15 Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know


There’s a lot to dig into when we talk about SEO in present times. We need to put ourselves into the user’s shoes while creating the content.

Here are the top 15 tips you need to keep in mind for a good ranking and visibility of your content:

1. Right Use of Keywords

If you want to rank your website, the correct use of keywords plays a vital role in the process. Keywords are an essential part of the SEO campaign. You need to be specific about where and how many times you use them as stuffing keywords in every bit of the content is not a good option. Keywords must be used in:

  • Title of the page
  • Webpage URL
  • Meta descriptions
  • First 60-80 words of the content
  • In Call to Action
  • Sub-headings

Only 3-4% short to medium-tail keywords of the total content should be used.

2. Create Quality Links

Linking relevant content in your posts & website is a great SEO strategy.  According to Google, creating quality links is among the top 3 ranking signals.

  • Add a few good quality authoritative backlinks
  • Promotion on social media
  • Reach target users through social forums
  • Refer only trustworthy sites

3. Prioritize Humans Over Search Engines

You need to remember that it’s humans who’ll read your content, not the search engines. You need to focus on getting more engagement on your page so as to increase the ROI. It will lead to an enhanced user experience & drive a more and more loyal & trustworthy audience.

Write content that’s user-friendly as the search engines follow the users rather than just page-focused keywords.

4. Inbound Links

SEO is basically all about creating quality content that drives more users and encourages people to share your links on social media or their own content as well.

Inbound links are the heart and soul of content marketing. When you create relevant content, you’ll find that your work gets linked more naturally.

5. Eye-catching Meta Description

The meta description is the first thing users see when they search for some content. A unique meta description with relevant keywords drives viewers to read your content and invest in your services.

6. Image & Video Optimization

Images & Videos are an important part of SEO. So, you must use relevant keywords with images & videos as well. Google has an entire section for just images & videos. But make sure you don’t just stuff keywords for the sake of it.

7. Stay Consistent

Staying consistent with your content is as important as producing unique content. The search engine rankings improve only if there is constant engagement on your page.

If you’re a fresher in content marketing, it’s a must for you to be consistent to optimize your freshness score.

8. Stick to Domain Name

You must keep in mind that the age of your domain name or website is very crucial. Choose a name that suits you the most and just stick to it. Change it only if it’s really necessary else it would be difficult to engage a regular audience for your content.

9. Simple URL Structure

It’s important for viewers as well as the search engine to understand the URL. You can use a URL that tells the users what they’re about to read rather than confusing them with complex URLs. Just use words and dashes instead of numbers.

10. Use Location

Local SEO is very helpful, especially for small businesses. This optimizes your content to potential customers and therefore increasing your local listing and traffic on your content. Mention your location in the content to get a targeted audience.

11. Spelling & Grammar Check

Not only does it harms the ranking but also reduces the user-base if there’re excessive spelling and grammatical errors in your content. Unique and quality content is the one that is faultless and attracts more user-base.

12. Easy to Read Content

You need to have a clear structure in your content. An easy-to-read content improves the user experience as well as the time spent on your page. Use heading, sub-headings, bullets, short paragraphs, images, whitespaces, bolds, etc. to create vivid content. Also, try using simpler language rather than using complex words.

13. Check Plagiarism

Avoid putting duplicate content as it can lead to a drop in website ranking. In unavoidable circumstances, use a canonical tag pointing out the original content.

14. Leverage Social Media

Nowadays, social media is the best way to promote your content. It’s an affordable way to drive relevant traffic and increase your audience. A good social media presence increases the strength of your SEO strategy.

15. Always Look for Competitors

Yes, last but not the least, you always need to look out for what your competitors are up to. Monitor their work regularly, how they optimize the content, keywords that they’re using, the content posted by them, and their rankings.

You need to do this to get unique content and sustainable results SEO of your services.

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